Let’s Get America Moving Again

Better infrastructure means more jobs, new innovations and a stronger economy.

Investing In American Infrastructure Will Ensure Reliability, Create Millions Of Jobs And Get Our Economy Moving Again

Our economy is struggling, and Americans are hurting.  And as millions of Americans are facing the difficult consequences of an aging energy grid and antiquated systems, it’s clear that President Biden and Congress must act now to modernize our nation’s infrastructure and prioritize clean energy innovation.

Doing so will create jobs for hardworking people and get our country moving again.

Let’s invest in America’s infrastructure to ensure reliability, rebuild our nation’s competitiveness, lead in new innovations, and create millions of good-paying jobs for hardworking Americans right here at home.

For years, politicians have talked about the need to revitalize America’s antiquated roads, bridges, energy grid and drinking water systems. 

It’s time to turn that talk into action. 

Hardworking Americans Will Reap The Economic Benefits of Investing In Our Infrastructure

An ambitious investment in American infrastructure will create incentives to put Americans back to work in good-paying jobs in manufacturing, construction and infrastructure to build our economy for the future. In fact, a study by Georgetown University estimates that a $1 trillion investment in infrastructure would create 11 million new American jobs over ten years.

And the benefits to Americans go beyond millions of new jobs. Better transportation, broadband communications, electric grids, drinking water systems and other technology upgrades will also:

Rebuild America’s competitiveness in the world economy

Help American businesses grow and prosper


Improve the quality of life for American families


Provide real opportunities for those who have been left behind – including rural and minority communities

Prioritizing clean energy infrastructure means America can lead the world in energy innovations while building a stronger economy for hardworking families.

As Americans continue to face economic hardship, our nation’s infrastructure is crumbling and we’re falling behind. It’s time for President Biden and Congress to put infrastructure first and prioritize clean energy innovations.

America needs modern, reliable clean energy infrastructure – an updated transmission network, a nationwide electric vehicle charging system, clean energy manufacturing, broadband, and more – that’s built to last. Investments in these areas will help America lead in new energy innovations that will boost our nation’s competitiveness, enhance our economy, and create new, good-paying jobs for hardworking Americans right here at home.

Investing in clean energy infrastructure could:

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The Need To Fix America’s Ailing Infrastructure Is Real And Urgent

America is the greatest country in the world, but you wouldn’t know it from the state of our infrastructure: 

Whether it’s fixing our ailing roads and bridges, getting Americans the access they need to broadband internet, or modernizing our aging power grid and water drinking systems, it’s time to get America moving again by investing in modern infrastructure that is built to last.

Congress Has Already Made A Down Payment On Infrastructure Jobs

Through responsible, commonsense legislation passed at the close of 2020, Congress made a down payment on infrastructure jobs. This legislation focused on the research, development and deployment of cutting edge technologies to modernize America’s energy infrastructure. 

And it provides a promising blueprint for breaking Washington gridlock and getting smart, job-creating infrastructure policies across the finish line in the new Congress.

In 2021, Congress must follow through on what they have begun by working together to enact an ambitious investment in our nation’s roadways, broadband communications and power grid, growing our economy and creating millions of jobs for hardworking Americans while improving the quality of life for everyone.

Investing In Infrastructure Will Get America Moving Again – It Must Be Job Number One For Congress.

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